Bring in your gently used Clothes for Cash!

About our Clothes for Cash Program

At the Hideaway, payout and pricing guidelines are slightly more aggressive than what’s “standard” for the “Cash for Clothes” industry. We want to make sure you are getting the best Cash offer at the FIRST store you stop into. No need to bounce all over the Twin Cities Used Clothing Stores looking for your top dollar amount! That said, we STILL keep our gently used selling prices competitive and take a little less for our pockets than our competitors.

Industry Standard resale pricing is about 70-75% OFF the original retail price; what it typically sold for NEW. Industry Standard will pay YOU between 25-30% of THEIR selling price in cash for your clothes. So for example: If you are brought in clothes that sold new for $100, they will likely be priced at the $25-30 range, which would likely pay you between $7.50 to $9.00. At The HIDEWAY – you would likely get paid between $8.50-$10.00! A bit higher than Industry Standard. And, to make our offers even sweeter, we would offer you Store Credit for 25% MORE than our cash offer that never expires (So about 50-55% of our selling price!)! To sell, we require you to bring along a valid government-issued ID like a Driver’s License or a Passport! (If you’re under 18, you must bring an adult along with you.)

Be sure to check-in with our Shop to confirm what season we are currently buying for before you come!

Clothing accepted must comply with the following stipulations:


Please bring in clean, stain free clothing for our Buyers to choose from! We are looking for “gently” used items or well taken care of items so keep this in mind when bringing in clothing, shoes and accessories for us to buy from. Items with holes (that are not intentionally part of the style like jeans with intentional holes for example) or extreme “pilling” will not be accepted.

Pet Hair Free

We LOVE pets just as much as you do, but we prefer that their hair stays behind when you bring in your gently used items. This is a simple courtesy to those who may be purchasing your items to take home with them.

In Style

Keeping with the current trends and fashion is important to us! We will only be purchasing items that are currently in style (in stores now), as well as Vintage items that we KNOW will sell fast! Sometimes “in-style” and “on trend” means digging up the past… I mean, who doesn’t love the 70’s and a good chunk of the 80’s??